Case study: nail communications

When the partners at Nail Communications called us, they were in a good position: too much work and not enough space! When we met, we all agreed that an underutilized series of rooms in the back area of their office had some serious potential. And that’s where the “Design Den",” as it’s now known, was conceived.

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Six Weeks of Research

After visiting the existing BCBS stores, we spent six weeks interviewing employees from the CEO and other top executives, to store managers and sales associates—and even sat in the lobby and spoke with members themselves. We delved into research of healthcare and other types of service retail. We learned all we could about the needs of the store and the members. After compiling all of our findings, we set out to create a schematic design.

Full Construction Documents
Don’t let a renovation be daunting. We simplify your goals into a complete of construction documents, with all fixtures, finishes and furnishings needed to realize your vision. Working closely with you and your builder, we ensure your project’s success.

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